I'm James Chapman, an illustrator, from Birmingham, England.

A little further north in Manchester now, I'm working on all kinds of illustration and art projects - often themed around language and diversity.

I worked on the series Soundimals, a set of illustrations about the exciting world of international onomatopoeia. While in English and dog goes "woof!" and a pig goes "oink!", in Romanian, dogs go "ham!" and in German, pigs go "grunz!"

From animals to people to cars to fireworks, everything makes a sound and every language interprets those sounds differently - and I've tried my best to illustrate them all.

The illustrations have drawn a lot of attention online with various features and even an endorsement from Ashton Kutcher for some reason. The first book, "Soundimals: A Guide to Animal Sounds in Other Languages" was published in 2014, and a Kickstarter campaign ran in August 2015 for a second book "How to Sneeze in Japanese". It was chosen as a staff pick, featured in numerous online articles and in the end raised £17,595 - 1100% of the initial funding target.

After the completion of my university studies in November 2015, I've moved on to make freelance illustration my full-time job.

If you'd like to work on anything together, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact page above, or via my email. I'm currently looking for representation.


The Guardian
WGN Radio (Chicago Radio podcast interview)
A Plus
Gree (article in Japanese)
Le Soir (print article, in French)
Het Parool (print article, in Dutch)



Selected clients 

  • BuzzFeed
  • CBS Television
  • The BBC
  • Babbel.com
  • Pfizer 
  • Kostya Novoselov
  • Andre Geim